Wednesday, June 03, 2009

3 June: The garden

Many of the garden plants are doing well after the recent sunshine. This year we have some potatoes in bags on the paving -

and some runner beans that have not been wiped out by slugs and/or snails! This time the beans were planted in pots in the conservatory, and were only put out in the garden when they had 2 pairs of leaves.

The spring flowers have gone over, and the summer ones are showing up, like these dianthus -

and the Buff Beauty rose -

Not all in the garden is lovely though - those roses give me a rash; and the little oak tree has a problem too. In one area some of the leaves have these galls (?). This is the top of one leaf -

and this is the under-side -

Other examples are paler or darker. What, if anything, will emerge from these growths?


nonizamboni said...

Wow, gardeners have to have the good with the bad, don't we!?! Thanks for sharing the progress of your lovely garden.

Probably Jane said...

Those potatoes are really lush! I might have to have a go next year.

Z said...

They'll be gall wasps, though I don't know what they look like. They don't harm the tree, which is quite robust enough to cope. I read once that an oak tree supports more wildlife than any other British tree.

Granny J said...

Per my sson, the biologist, the assorted kinds of gall wasps are small critters; the galls house the immature larvae of the wasps. Veggie/foodwise, I have small cherry tomatoes starting out and have moved some strawberries into my big strawberry pot. Finally -- I've had the pot for 15-20 years and tried to grow dangly flowers ot of the little holes, usually with poor results. But the strawberr plants look happy. Thus far.

stitchwort said...

Thank you all; the slugs, wasps, etc, still have time to get at all the produce! And the recent rain has provoked much growth.
The other side of the coin is that there is only room for the beans because a row of raspberry canes inexplicably died; it's such a small garden that we cram it full.