Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 July: Anniversary

70 years ago today my parents were married in London.

Mum wore gold satin (I have the plaited band from her head-dress); Dad's wedding suit was in his wardrobe for many years.

It's strange to think of them as young, indeed younger than my own children are now, and their parents then were younger than I am now.

No internet, no mobile phones, no television, no digital cameras, or even colour photographs then. Dad didn't have a car until later, though he and Mum already had a tandem. No grandparent ever drove a car, as far as I know.

That time is now history. And of course one day my grandchildren will look back on today as quaint, if not actually olden times.


tea and cake said...

Your mum was beautiful, and everyone looks so happy.
I think you're right about the progress - nowadays a wedding photo might have someone answering their mobile!

CCK said...

Oddly I was having the same thoughts today. I'm now older than my mum when I had my first child, and me still not a grandmother. I love old pictures and wonder about all the thoughts traveling thru their heads on these special occasions. Do you think knitters yearn for these times in history as we respect the passing of time as we slowly knit each stitch?