Wednesday, July 08, 2009

8 July: Knitting - and weaving

The green merino/silk zigzag top is now finished -

A bit snug, but I'm pleased with it. Then the new loom has been in action -

That was the first experiment, with some multi-coloured sock yarn and some odds and ends of handspun. The black was too lumpy, and the blue was too loosely plied - but it's all good for learning. If it all went smoothly, there'd be no progress.

The next bit was trying harder, and it turned out better.

This is made all from handspun - Jacob (the grey), Wensleydale (the dark brown), and BFL (the white). I don't really like the fringed ends, so they may get cut off and hems sewn; or it might be transformed into a bag.


knit nurse said...

Wow, the weaving is very impressive! I'm struggling with motivation on my learning after an initial flurry - I think I need to take off the learner piece and start on something new.

tea and cake said...

Oh my goodness, I love the knittng, and the weaving, yes, knit nurse, Wow! These are beautiful and you are soooo clever!

stitchwort said...

Thank you both.
The weaving was, of course, carefully arranged to hide the mistakes!
Weaving needs concentration (like machine sewing), but knitting (like hand sewing) is relaxing.