Sunday, May 21, 2006

21 May: more of the same

The stitchwort is still flowering, though the dandelions are past their best, and the vetch is beginning to appear. This week has been quite wet here, and there has been a strong breeze - this beech tree's new leaves were actually rippling in the wind:

Back home in the garden, the acers have opened new leaves. This is a potted acer griseum - wonderful colour and the still crumpled new growth is quite furry.

The knitting has progressed, with the weather being more suitd to the indoor pursuit. The body of the striped item is finished, and there is about half a pound of mixed colours left; I am unsure if this is enough to mix with the basic colours to make 2 sleeves, but I've cast one on, and hope to make both sleeves in random stripes the same as the completed body.


In a completely different vein, an overheard on a bus the other day (students probably) - "so did Jesus actually have any of Mary's DNA then?"

Views in the comments box, please.

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Z said...

Er, yes? And no? Simultaneously?

Fabulous acer leaves.