Monday, May 01, 2006

Things we used to do

OK folks, you can relax - this is a religion-free posting.

Today there's been a couple of activities that haven't been done for a while - cloth doll making and jogging.

Breakfast browsing/reading today was "Making creative cloth dolls" by Marthe le Van, and that triggered off a couple of ideas. I haven't done any sewing for ages, and it seemed like a good thing to try on a free day off work. Two freehand patterns were drawn on sheets of A4 paper, and two small dolls have been cut out, one is sewn together and stuffed, and the second is partly sewn together. Once assembled, they will have faces, hair and belly buttons added, and any other ornamentation, embellishment, or clothing that seems appropriate.

Jogging - 20 years ago it was fairly easy to run a half marathon, so why is it now so hard to jog not quite 3 miles? I could almost have walked it in the time it took. Probably something to do with sitting and knitting all winter, plus the left-over effect of the broken knee 2 years ago, and having that wired up for 10 months. The inactivity plus the eating equals the difficulty in finding running kit big enough. These hip bones used to stick out - now it's the avoirdupois that sticks out.

Progress reports on both activities in due course.

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