Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Botanic Gardens

After shopping for shoes and failing to find any that both appealled and fitted, a boost was required. So off to the Botanic gardens, where not only the gardens but also the coffee shop are most attractive. Once the body was fortified with coffee and the obligatory bun, the plants called. Above is the view from one of the gazebos - the early daffodils are over, but there are still plenty in bloom, partnering the plum blossom beautifully.

In one of the hothouses are several sorts of butterfly, as well as a pool full of goldfish. In tanks are spiders, insects and small amphibians. The cockroaches were wonderfully marked, but almost indistinguishable from the bark litter in their tank, so not very photogenic!

New growth is appearing all around - these leaves were particularly fresh and "just out of the wrapper".

There are a few sculptures in the gardens, including this heron in the pool near the hothouses. In the background is one of a circle of sculptures depicting North East historical worthies.

In the Himalayan Dell is this row of birches, looking spectacular today in the sunshine and before their leaves open. From this angle the building site (a new college) can't be seen.

But these tulips make my favourite picture of the day - a real blast of colour!


stitchwort said...

And Peanut Yorkie was there too.

Z said...

Lovely photos. This is the best time of the year for enjoying gardens and the countryside - something newly alive every day.

Ruby in Bury said...

Beautiful pictures. Those tulips look gorgeous all mixed up like that. So much nicer than the formal flower beds we have in Bury St Edmunds!

Do you like formal flower beds by the way?

stitchwort said...

Not in my garden! Messy mixtures a speciality.
Municipal planting is another thing, though - I'd rather see flowers of any sort on roundabouts and traffic islands than no flowers. Local parks departments in County Durham do quite well, though a little more imagination wouldn't go amiss!