Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29: Spring Bank Holiday

Proper Bank Holiday weather - chilly with intermittent sharp showers of rain. Yesterday was sunny, if a bit breezy, so DH and I went for a walk.

We parked near Beamish Museum and set off through the delightfully named Hell Hole Wood.

Continuing on through woods and across fields, crossing a lane and a road, we reached Causey Gill, and paused to take a picture of Causey Arch, built in 1727, the oldest railway bridge in the world. The rails carried horse-drawn wagons until the invention of the steam locomotive.

Our return route passed Beamish golf course, and the Museum's Home Farm, where we were amused by the road sign saying "Beware of visitors". Carefully dodging the wild visitors, we gained the safety of Hell Hole Wood again, and back to the car. We ambitiously thought we'd be home for lunch, but the six miles took us longer than we'd anticipated (all those stops to take photos), so we were starving by the time we got back home.

Today we are avoiding the Bank Holiday crowds by staying at home - the estate is always quiet on Bank Holidays. DH cleaned out the interior of his car, before the accumulated dirt and muck could form sedimentary rock.

I have dyed some wool, in an attempt to match what is running out before the sleeves of the cardigan are done. Don't knitting patterns always say "make sure all the wool is from the same dye lot"? Well, there's no pattern, as it's being made up as I go along. Even using the same recipe and amounts, it's come out rather different - but perhaps not different enough to stop me using it.

And just for a bit of added colour, here's a picture of a comfrey flower from a local wayside clump.

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