Wednesday, September 13, 2006

13 September: Outings

The hedges are heavy with them, and after an expedition one afternoon now so is our freezer.

The rowan tree is also lighter, as the blackbirds have been feeding on the berries. Have you ever watched 4 young blackbirds trying to hover?


DH and I had a walk round Houghall woods the other day, and then we went along the river bank into the centre of Durham for a cup of coffee and an enormous cream bun.

And last night DD rang and asked for some photos for a project at DGD's school, so off I went among the albums, seeking out seaside holiday photos. There was the famous one of me, aged 4, scowling as I picked my way across the stones at Swanage. The mood was not lightened by the scratchy gingham beach/swim suit my mother had made for me.
My mother on the beach at Clymping (do you like Clymping? I don't know, I've never Clymped) back in 1934, in an early bikini; her parents in deckchairs at Ventnor in 1939; and a wonderful photo of my mother and her parents in swimsuits at Torquay in 1932, all as glum as can be sitting in a row on some steps.

The photos of Dad's family at the seaside were all too small and murky to copy, but there are some gems there - Uncle Bill in a natty pair of knitted trunks, with a white belt round the waist ; an Aunt in a seersucker swimsuit, and my Dad on the beach at Southend in his school cap and tie, with his father in collar and tie, jacket and cloth cap.

And another reminder of the flying of time - I've just sent off my application for my State old age pension.


The Murphmeister said...

It's been an excellent year for the blackberry... we are still getting extended crops from the Norfolk hedgerows.
Your Houghall Woods shot is very nicely balanced.
Unlike the blackbirds of course. They might end up in a pie!

KAZ said...

Whatever happened to seersucker?
Unless you are very much ahead of yourself the last paragraph sounds like you might soon be the person to whom my blog title refers.

stitchwort said...

murph - All the berries, hips and haws are plentiful round here - masses of elderberries ripening too.
It was a bit dull when I took that photo, and I thought it might not come out too well, but the little digital camera done good.
(Verification is *nmmmy* - what you might say when eating blackberry and apple.)

kaz - just over 14 weeks to go - not that I'm counting!