Sunday, September 03, 2006

3 September: Scraps

Is it possible to watch BBC News 24 for more than 10 minutes? By that time, they've been through the 3 news items at least 4 times, repeating apparently endlessly - one report from their correspondent, followed immediately by "going live" to the same person, who repeats what they just said on tape, then a brief interview with somebody who doesn't have a clue what's going on (or who knows only too well, and isn't saying!), and then a short piece of film looped so that it repeats and repeats the same (usually harrowing) scene.


A comment from kaz on NOT DEAD YET! reminds me that one of the things I have thought about doing when I retire (less than 16 weeks now, not that I'm counting) is to dye my hair the sort of colour that's totally inappropriate for work - purple or green.
I mentioned this at a Growing Old Disgracefully meeting once, and it was pointed out that it costs some people a small fortune to keep their hair the colour that mine is naturally, so I should be grateful I don't NEED to colour it.
Any ideas about this?


And at last the Muppets are getting a major exhibition in London - HERE.


Judith said...

I'm another lucky one whose hair has retained pretty much its original colour(still at 78), except for a white streak in front which appeared when I was 40. And I am constantly thankful - except for the times when I feel ancient and decrepit and would like to be treated as such! But notwithstanding, I do also yearn at times to make a startling change, but I'm too wimpish to take the plunge.

KAZ said...

Hey - You and Judith are so lucky. Like my dad I started going grey in my early thirties. There was an Asian girl in my A level class who also had grey hairs at seventeen. One day she came into class and they'd all disappeared.
She told me how to do it and I vowed never to be grey again.

The Murphmeister said...

Waldoff & Stadtler at the BM?
I thought the biggest Muppet exhibition in London was down in Westminster!

Jack said...

Growing old -- disgracefully or otherwise -- means doing what you damn well please. More or less.