Wednesday, September 06, 2006

6 September: Meanwhile, back in the garden

The garden is looking a bit tired after the hot summer.
In front of the house, a handful of blue geraniums and some self-sown lobelias and heartsease give spots of colour, while the sedum spectabile is steadily turning pinker day by day.

The back garden still has some flowers - white japanese anemones (with a few pollen beetles) around the rowan tree, which is heavily laden with berries.

A few late roses by the fence and on the pergola, which also has the wonderful spiral mopheads of the clematis seeds. There's a sprinkling of verbena bonarensis, a couple of calendulas, flashes of colour in the scabious, penstemons and verbascums; touches of colour still on the buddleias; a brave dianthus with a second flowering; tiny self-sown pansies in yellow and pale purple; a splash of pinky mauve from an un-named alpine; a scattering of cyclamen under the liquidambar tree, which is turning the same browny-purple as the Japanese maple.

Nasturtiums still brighten a couple of corners, thanks to Ruth's gift earlier in the year; and the potted gingko trees are starting to turn yellow - they are always the last trees to start and the first to finish.
The ice cream van's back to "Match of the Day".
The schools are back, and so is the traffic. Summer's over.


The Murphmeister said...

You spoke too soon, Stitchwort! Basking in what used to be a pleasant Summer's day before July's searing heat.

Ruby in Bury said...

I'm glad summer's over. It was very autumnal this morning in Bury St Edmunds as I did the school run. Autumn rules :-) I like your Japanese maple. It's a good thing it's red though or I might have thought you were growing the weed of wisdom in your garden (not that I would know, of course, but I have seen pictures ;-).

stitchwort said...

murph - it's been nice once the sun's burnt off the mist; much more comfortable than all that heat.
ruby - yes, the little maple's quite near the bird feeder, and you sometimes get strange plants coming up under that, but this one is definitely a tree!