Thursday, September 21, 2006

21 September: The iPod generation

DH has bought an iPod.
He's spent weeks recording some of his LP (vinyl) collection onto the Mac, via the hi-fi system and CDs, and now some of that music has been transferred to the iPod.
He doesn't seem to have got as far as the folk songs or the rock 'n' roll yet - the playlist includes Schubert, Haydn, Miles Davis, classical guitar, classical Indian ragas, Playford tunes, and Buddhist scriptures and ceremonies.
And the photo collection is taken directly from the photo file on the Mac, where I keep only incoming e-mailed ones and the pictures for the blog - so his photo album presently contains an awful lot of knitted hats, and a pan of blackberry and apple!


KAZ said...

What? Knitted hats and no folky tunes?
That can't be right.

The Murphmeister said...

Apple & Blackberry are both electronic gadgets so that's OK then!