Sunday, October 01, 2006

1 October: Technology

Changing your computer is a bit like childbirth - after an interval the pain is forgotten in favour of the delight.

So our wedding anniversary present to ourselves has been this new iMac. Bit of a shuffle round of the kit in the study, but at least that was a good opportunity to hoover and dust those places that only get cleaned occasionally (OK, when we change the computer). Plug in a lead from the old one to the new one, and all the files cross over to the new machine like magic - no need to write down all those e-mail addresses or Internet favourites. But re-connecting to the Internet was quite another matter.

The old modem wouldn't plug in - wrong sort of plug on the string - some enquiring revealed that a router was required. Off to PC World, home again, connect up, nothing. Phone call to tech. support suggested we needed a different version of the driver. Back to PC World (10 miles each way each time), assistant astonished, head scratching, exchange for a different router, home again. No idea what, if anything, was done differently, but this time it worked - ah!! (sigh of relief). Lie down in a darkened room with a damp flannel on the forehead.

Now there is enough memory to read camera cards and to have heaps and heaps of music. The inbuilt camera is fun, too. And all afternoon has been spent making CDs of favourite tracks from lots of different albums. Maple Leaf Rag followed by El Paso, Tom Lehrer followed by Blondie, Peter Bellamy followed by Dixie Chicks, James Taylor followed by June Tabor, Jez Lowe followed by The Kinks - now that's what I call music!


Z said...

I've had this iMac for 15 months now. And sometimes I still just sit and look at it, just for the pleasure of its beauty.

stitchwort said...

It's one of the few items we have that could be described as really stylish.

The Murphmeister said...

Lazy Sunday Afternoon then.

Oh, hang on, that wasn't the Kinks it was the Small Faces. Not quite so appropriate then :-{

stitchwort said...

The Kinks certainly recorded Sunny Afternoon (starts with The taxman's taken all my dough, and left me in .....)- can't say about the Small Faces, as I never liked them.
And my preferred tracks are Waterloo Sunset and Lola.

KAZ said...

I was 'raised' on a Mac. It was a beautful little Apple Mac Classic that tucked into the corner of my desk.
I changed to fit in with the system in college and now I'm too scared to go back.