Wednesday, October 04, 2006

4 October: More technology?

StatCounter. StatCounter?

PeanutYorkie mentioned it the other day. Set me off thinking whether I need one or want one. Do I want to know there are about 6 people who visit my blog once a week, or whatever? Do I need to know where they come from and how they get here, and what they were looking for in the first place? (If it was knitted hats, flower photos, and an occasional outing, they'd have struck gold.)

And if I find that more people read certain types of posting, would that make me feel that I should do more of that sort of stuff?

Since I am not trying to sell anyone anything, least of all my writing talent (just as well, really), perhaps it would not serve any useful purpose.

If anyone has any views on this, or any hilarious experiences, do tell.


Z said...

I've got one, though I only look at it to be amused at the unfortunate people who have been completely misled into looking at me when they are looking for something entirely different. It's amazing, what people Google and what links to you.

I don't check to see what specific posts people have mostly read. Comments made by readers have affected what I've written, in that several people say they like it when I write family reminiscences, so I've put in more of them. But not otherwise, I just say what comes into my mind and don't think about an audience.

The Murphmeister said...

I use it to keep a count of both my readers. Normally comes to 2.
The things people put in google are also useful for amusement as well.

Jack said...

I have Early on I figured if I was going to do this thing, let's see how many people are looking at it. Some days a lot (relative, of course), some days depressingly few.

The most interesting thing is to be able to see WHERE they are. I have them from as far away as England, of course, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, as well as the US and my native Canada.

Heather said...

agree with jack, I have a neo counter thing, it's about where they come from to look at my little old blog that's interesting.

stitchwort said...

Hello Jack and Heather - I suspect it would be the depressingly few all the time and how would I feel about that?
(Rather delayed response due to not checking back very often.)