Tuesday, October 24, 2006

24 October: In the garden

What's catching the eye in the garden at the moment? Mostly, the masses of nasturtiums that are sprawling all over the place. They won't survive the first frost - so they could be wiped out any night now.

There are some flowers still out from earlier in the year, like roses and marigolds, and the Japanese anemones are still flowering, but under the rowan tree, so not good for photographing. This little hebe was in the sun today, though.

And this shrub was planted for "winter colour" - in 4 years, it's had about 6 tiny flowers out at a time, but it does bloom in the winter. This year it has grown a lot, and is starting to come out while the leaves are still on it. It is viburnum bodnantense Dawn.


The Murphmeister said...

Nice to tour your garden, Stitchwort. Doesnt look a fortnight from Bonfire night!

People try to pass off Nasturtiums as salads sometimes don't they?

Heather said...

Hello murph, I hope you're not neglecting poor Oz.

I thought Nasturtiums were to scare off slugs?

Beautiful flowers, nice photos. Roses are my favourite, do you know which climber has the strongest scent. I wanted to plant one in my garden. Preferably pink?

stitchwort said...

Nasturtiums are edible, but nothing deters slugs.
We have 2 pink roses on the pergola - one is more of a Barbie pink, sturdy and thorny, called Pink Perpetue (imagine the acute accent on that), and the other is palest hint of pink, rampant and grows fast and whippy, called Madame Alfred Carriere. Our soil is clay, clay, clay.