Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18 October: Veils

(Any random visitors from Google are welcome, whatever their religion, nationality, gender, or whatever. Prepare for disappointment.)

The current fuss about veils is a real missed opportunity by the fashion market. They'd be ideal for those of us with zits, warts, scars, uneven teeth and embryonic moustaches. No need for lippy, and a chance for the more extrovert to decorate in any way they fancied - logos, embroidery, photos of the family, the slogan of your choice. Fashion fabrics, stripes, brocades, floral prints, wool for the winter and seersucker for the summer, maybe even chiffon for evening.

Time for the clothing industry to widen their scope a bit, and make all styles of outfit available to us all? Personally, I've always fancied saris and salwar kamees (if that's how you spell them), and kaftans were popular for a while. Tent-shaped garments could be just the thing for the now prevalent "fuller figure". Let's have a bit more choice in clothes.

On the subject of religion, it has always slightly amused me (as a Buddhist) that Buddha statues are considered suitable for use as ornaments and garden gnomes, but crosses aren't, with or without the little feller (thank you, birdy). Why is that?

They have their uses, though, as a reminder to bow to the Buddha in everyone, and do your best to keep to the Precepts.

All religions seem to have a rule or guide-line to "treat your neighbour as yourself" - what a pity so few people actually try to do that.


Z said...

That's a very good idea. It would be interesting, at any rate. Although we probably wouldn't be allowed into the shopping centres that forbid the wearing of hoodies.

I think Jesus garden ornaments are quite an idea too. I can't see why not. As for a cross, it depends on the size. If it is too realistic it might look a bit creepy. Like having a gibbet in the garden, might be more threatening than attractive.

KAZ said...

Excellent point Stitchwort.
I am at this moment designing my personalised veil to conceal the wrinkles, double chin and bad hair day.
It will be olive green with a few sequins and a pic of Che Guevara.

The Editor said...

Not if they mention anything about other Gods, then you have to kill them immediately even if its a member of your own family according to the old testament.

stitchwort said...

Don't want to get into any argument about religion, but isn't that a bit excessive?

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better Stitchwort, a while ago I came across a site I had to bookmark. This one. The soccer ornament half way down this page is my personal favourite.