Wednesday, April 11, 2007

11 April: The aforementioned socks

The Toast socks are finished -

And here they are, modelled by my feet, although they are for DH and rather big for me -

You will note that they are Subversive Socks, in that when worn with ordinary shoes and trousers, they will appear to be dull old charcoal socks, whereas Really they are Toast and Marmalade Socks!

(DH doesn't wear open-toad sandals with socks, so we don't need to even think about that.)

And here is the first of the 'new design' socks in progress; just past the heel shaping and now galloping up the leg -

This yarn was dyed with purple and orange, and where the two dyes have merged, there are some wonderful intermediate colours, lilac-chocolate, pink-tan, steel-mauve. I love those subtle and unexpected colours that come when you're not trying for them.

I like the way hand-dyed yarn is not the same colour all over - the marmalade goes from yellow through several shades to strong orange, and the charcoal varies too. It makes the colour much more alive, in the same way that flowers are not the same colour all over.

Happiness is a ball of hand-dyed wool. Definitely.


Lucy said...

Do you know there's a website called 'sandalandsoxer' (I think) which consists solely of photographs of people wearing socks and open-toed sandals?

Murph said...

I think you should change the blog name to "Subversive Socks" stitch. Wonderful concept!

Judith said...

Love the socks, I'm all for subversion. You might find this website interesting -

stitchwort said...

lucy and judith - thanks for the new sites. Much hilarity there!

murph - have to think about that.

stitchwort said...

But not for long.

I, like the view said...

oooh - lovely socks

beautiful colours!

KAZ said...

Chocolate and marmalade - mmmm - could you manage bit of toast as well?
Oh yes there's the charcoal.

I, like the view said...

all this talk of toast and marmalade is making me hungry

(have now linked you - thanks!)