Sunday, April 22, 2007

22 April: Overdoing it

I've been trying to find a new pair of slippers for a while. The current substitute, some canvas beach shoes, are falling to bits.

It's not Christmas, but a few shops do have slippers. Only not in my size. Unless they are men's leather ones, or sheepskin ones (no thanks), or those check woollen ones with a zip up the front.

So I decided that I would make some, out of felt. Some Internet research gave me some ideas, and when I was in town I found a pair of shoe insoles which will make good non-slip soles. (Don't want to go and slip in your slippers, do you?)

Yesterday I wasted several sheets of paper drawing up a satisfactory pattern. And I planned to make the felt this morning.

So as I was getting dressed, DH suggested we go for a bike ride. It was overcast, with rain forecast for later, so it seemed sensible to go out during the better part of the day.

We ended up cycling about twice as far as any ride we have done recently. And this poor OAP had 2 asthma episodes on the hills. My knees were very wobbly when we got home.

A shower and some lunch, then I got out the felt-making stuff. It needed to be good and thick for slippers, so I made as large a piece as I could lay out, and used plenty of wool.

Hard work, making felt, all that rubbing and rolling and kneading. But the final felt looks good, nice and thick, fairly even and flat. I can dye it any colour I choose.

The only snag is that it's not quite big enough to cut out all the pieces for both slippers - I'll have to make another piece tomorrow!

Think I'll go and have a lie down.


I, like the view said...

I once made felt slippers for new borns from a Martha Stewart pattern

didn't make the felt myself tho - good on you!

looking forward to seeing the finished results

Murph said...

You'll have felt better after a lie down Stitch.