Monday, April 09, 2007

9 April: Socks

The charcoal and marmalade socks are finished and are drying in the bathroom. Even though the skein of wool was rinsing clear when I dyed it, some dye came off on my fingers while I was knitting, so I've given the finished socks a couple of good hot washes to get rid of any remaining loose dye. Photo to follow.

So pleased with those socks that I have started another pair. The pattern I usually use for socks is designed for a thinner yarn than my handspun, so I have dug out a different pattern and swatched to get a gauge. And as I've never made socks starting at the toe, I've turned the pattern upside down and cast on at the toe - having changed the pattern already before I started as I didn't like the slope of the toe shaping. Oh, and I'm trying out knitting them on 2 circular needles too, as I've never done socks on circs before.

Do I know what I'm doing? Well, sort of. It's fun using the *what if* approach, and so far it looks good. The cast on came from the latest issue of Spin Off magazine, and worked very well. The wool is purple and orange, with some interesting shades where the dyes merge. And if it goes wrong, or I don't like it, I can always frog it.


bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...
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Murph said...

Ah, your first Spam of Spring, Stitch! Hope the spamming b*&s%rd hasn't brought back the dreaded word verification.

If you frog the socks can you wear them with open toad sandals? (sorry I have to shoe-horn my old joke in whenever the chance arises!).

stitchwort said...

Hi murph - and thank you for the first giggle of the day.

I have a trash can and I'm not afraid to use it.

KAZ said...

As a marmalade addict I am fascinated by the concept of marmalade coloured socks.
Is the shade range from deep thick cut seville orange through to the palest lemon and lime or grapefruit colour?.

Mmmm - time for breakfast.