Wednesday, April 25, 2007

25 April: Felt, hat, and a star

I made the second piece of felt. Then I couldn't decide what colour to dye it. A couple of things I've made recently have had dye problems - aaargh! The orange and purple socks lost dye when they were washed, and the red/pink dye ran on a hat in white and raspberry Shetland wool, to the same pattern as this one, also in Shetland wool -

It's slightly adapted from the one in Elaine Eskesen's book Dyeing to Knit. Not quite a tam, and very easy to knit.

I cast on a scarf and knitted nearly a foot before I frogged it; decided it wasn't drapey enough.

Then today I decided that I would dye the felt green, and got the dye stuff out. There was a lovely sage green in the box, but I thought it should be a bit darker, so in went a bit of charcoal. (You'll notice the accuracy with which these chemicals are measured - in "bits") That was a little too dark, but there was no more sage left. Try a touch of jade, which is a ferociously strong and lurid shade. That looked good in the pan on the stove, so in went the felt and on went the gas.

Then I settled down to read my current book - The Ode Less Travelled, by Stephen Fry (I just couldn't pass by a book with a title like that, now could I?). Meanwhile the felt simmered away, and when I looked at it after half an hour or so, most of the dye had been absorbed, so in went a bit of vinegar to encourage it to soak up the rest, and a few minutes later it was Done. A quick spin in the washing machine, and now it's drying. Next the process of cutting and sewing - and perhaps a bit of embroidery.


I have always known that DH is a Top Class, All Round Good Egg, excellent at his job; now it seems that his line manager has discovered this, and deemed him to be Outstanding.

Am I too cynical, or do I suspect that this is a pre-cursor to his being expected to do even more of the difficult work, with more responsibility and stress but without any extra recognition?


Murph said...

"Dyeing to Knit"? Your reading matter is all very pun-ishable Stitch!

*still resists the temptation to do a "felt" joke*

I, like the view said...

sounds lovely! had nightmares myself yesterday at bookbinding, dying leather

used a water based dye, think I should have gone for the spirit based dye

will go back and do some more work on the leather, thinking of metal leafing it. . .


hope DH does get the recognition he deserves

Lucy said...

Looking forward to seeing slipper pics!

stitchwort said...

Haven't yet cut into the felt - need to be sure it's going to work, so that I don't waste all the work that's gone into it so far! So I've been doing other things today.

What's up murph? - you don't normally resist the temptation to crack a joke.

Doris said...

It all sounds creatively complex to me! Do you make felt bags, ever?

stitchwort said...

doris - not yet, but it's on my list of things to try sometime. Along with various sorts of weaving, basket-making, etc., etc.