Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23 July: Le Tour

Le Tour is the most interesting it's been for years. It was a great idea to do away with time bonuses, as it leaves everyone on the same footing - and there are so many riders who could win this time.

I shall probably be glued to the entire afternoon's broadcast from l'Alpe-d'Huez stage later today. Nobody else needs to go over the edge today, though - 2 crashes off those mountain roads is quite enough.

My Tour de France knitting is already finished, ahead of the final stages. Socks, for me. The colours represent the maillot jaune and a couple of team jerseys, and the stitch pattern is Triangle Rib (from one of the Harmony books); this represents the mountains and the zigzagging of the sprinters up to the finish line.

And, filled with the usual July enthusiasm, I cycled to the supermarket this morning for some milk. Went the pretty way, and came back an even prettier one. Need a lie down now.

Here's a picture of my bike when I got back.

As well as the milk in the basket, my (wool) jersey's in there, along with my helmet, mitts, and cycle clips. Yes, long trousers - don't want to frighten anyone with shorts.


Murph said...

Good for the environment Stitch.

But if no time bonuses puts everyone on the same footing, will they ALL have to wear your socks?

KAZ said...

I'm waiting for the polka dot socks.

Lucy said...

Isn't it interesting how when you're making something and watching or listening to TV or radio at the same time, when you pick it up again it's the thing you were watching or listening to has got inside the work?

Glad you're enjoying the Tour!