Thursday, July 31, 2008

31 July: Northumberland coast

One of DH's favourite walks is up the Northumberland coast from Craster to Low Newton (we did it the same day last year).

Yesterday the stiff breeze was from the south, so behind us as we approached Dunstanburgh Castle.

In order to cross the stream which runs out across the beach, we turned in through the dunes and across the bridge - watching out for trolls.

Arriving at the Ship Inn precisely as they started to take lunch orders, we were able to eat while watching the queue for food and drink grow.

The wind seemed to have strengthened as we walked back along the beach, whipping the salt spray onto the specs, and whipping the loose sand round the shins. Perhaps shorts were not the best choice.

The tide was coming in as we neared the stream. There was a nice sand bar half way across; a neat skip and a jump and I was across - with dry trainers!

The next wave swept up the stream, demolishing the sand bar, and stranding DH on the far side. But all was not lost, as another sand bar was formed by the retreating water, and he was able to hop and step over. Much more graceful by both of us than last year's efforts.

The back of my neck is sun(or wind)burnt today. DH was protected by his birthday hat.


KAZ said...

Have you gone mad woman?

I like the sand picture and the coast looks wonderful. Please don't be so adventurous when walking along it.
I don't want to have to fly the helicopter up there to rescue you.

stitchwort said...

One of RAF Boulmer's rescue helicopters did fly over us - I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get a snap.

I do apologise for the shorts.