Sunday, July 06, 2008

6 July: Tottering on

So we are locked into Le Tour yet again.

Every year it begins with wondering if I can cope with all the press hysteria, scandals and speculation; then a breakaway looks like it might just keep ahead, a catch, a sprint for the line - and I'm hooked again.

Takes about 3 days to get the hang of the new colours of the jerseys, then we're back in the swing of it.

Having 2 TV programmes yesterday and today has meant that I have progressed phenomenally well with my current sock knitting, nearly a whole sock done in the past 24 hours. Just as well there's a ball of Euskatel-and-Saunier-coloured sock yarn waiting in my work-room.

There's another plot afoot this week - to finish one or two samples in time for another spinning demonstration next weekend.

As the weather forecast was poor for the weekend, I began on a gardening project on Friday afternoon. Dead raspberry canes were dug up, posts and wires re-positioned, and an area of border dug over. It was very difficult, as the soggy clay stuck fast to the fork, and had to be poked off. Just as well it was done then, as the subsequent rain has formed a small pond there. Perhaps it needs a bit more sand...


Murph said...

Indurain had a resting pulse rate of 24 bpm.

Which is what happens to me when I try to get excited about Le Tour!

Murph said...

Although there was a very impressive documentary on Lance Armstrong last night ...

KAZ said...

We have it with Spanish commentary - but it's still addictive.
Millar did well today.
I miss Pantani.

stitchwort said...

There seemed to be an idea that the winner of today's time trial might be a fan of illegal chemicals - seems to be the albatross now for all the wearers of the maillot jaune.

Must say I've never been a fan of Armstrong, or of Millar (who didn't do as well as he expected to).

Pantani, though - he was brilliant. And in those days it was the racing that everyone talked about.