Monday, July 28, 2008

28 July: More Durham coast

Happy Birthday, DH!

Part of the birthday celebrations was a walk on the Durham coast, which was sporting a celebratory thick mist. We started along the coast path, which is well-surfaced, has lots of signs, and lots of public art works.

The flowers in the cliff-top meadows are specific to the magnesian limestone -

And include plenty of orchids -

Then we turned inland, by Hawthorn Dene -

Several miles later, we returned to the beach, where the mist had lifted very slightly -

Jellyfish were not the only jetsam on the beach; this seaweed lay next to a pearly piece of sand-rounded glass -

And as we returned to the car, tired after an excellent walk, it was still misty -


Murph said...

You're very lucky to have walks with such tremendous variety Stitch.
Our Norfolk walks tend to be a bit too flat and samey!

KAZ said...

This looks great Stitch - especially the flowers when you click the pic.

A visit to the North East is still on my wish list.

stitchwort said...

Careful editing of pics makes it look better!

Peanut Yorkie has some grittier views on his blog.