Wednesday, March 14, 2007

14 March: Pride goes before

Well, that serves me right!

After boasting yesterday about being able to deal with heavy bags of sand, I've gone and strained a muscle in my arm. It wasn't the sand, though - it was dragging out a raspberry root that had gone under the fence into the next door garden.

And the current knitting has been 2 steps forward and one back. Since I am making it up as I go along, it isn't really surprising that it doesn't always go well, and it's no great hardship to pull out a few rows out and re-do it. They do say that the best way to learn how to do something right is to get it wrong first. Or did I just make that up, too?

It'll soon be at the stage of auditioning buttons, preparatory to knitting the front band. Then tidying the loose ends, and blocking. Bet you can't wait for the photo.


The Editor said...

Why do the retired flog themselves to death in their gardens?

Murph said...

A dragged our Rasberry can often get you into trouble!

I'm just sorry you weren't in the herb garden so I could dust off my "Stitch in Thyme" comment.

Lucy said...

Poor Stitchwort!
'Auditioning buttons'?

stitchwort said...

Should have known there wouldn't be much sympathy out there; moan, whimper.

Hello lucy - a chance to get out the button box and see what there is that's the right size and colour, and if there are enough of them - it's a reflection of the scope of my button box that I have a choice!