Monday, March 05, 2007

5 March: Time to go shopping

Thanks to all those who commented on the socks in the last posting.

It's been a hectic weekend, with no time to fetch the groceries.

There was a dyeing workshop, in which I discovered the smell of an indigo dye bath makes me feel ill. I did, however, manage to dye 2 pieces of cloth which were stitched in different ways to (perhaps) produce interesting patterns. When these are fully dry, I'll take out the stitches and see what sort of pattern remains. And eventually the blue will fade from my fingers....

At Throssel Hole Abbey there was the festival of Achalanatha. This is the Boddhisattva representing steadfastness; as usual, Rev. Master Daishin gave an excellent dharma talk, and, again as usual, the lunch afterwards was excellent.

And I managed to fit in a walk with my sister in law. We set off from Hamsterley village, went across very muddy fields up to Black Banks woods, and returned along tracks and lanes. Here S-I-L models the footbridge over the Bedburn Beck -

And here is a flock of sheep which thought we were bringing their lunch, and followed us up the track at Shipley Moss -

Among all the black faced ewes were 2 Blue Faced Leicesters - they are the ones with pale faces and no horns. And beautiful fleeces.


KAZ said...

The current exhibition at the local Art gallery is called 'Indigo: A Blue to dye for'.
Is it you?
It's here.

Murph said...

It's all wallpaper at the whitworth.

Herdwicks are my favourite sheep...they look like Old English Sheepdogs.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you a Buddhist? We gorillas are essentially Buddhists with a bit of Hairy Krishna thrown in.

stitchwort said...

kaz - I find indigo a bit depressing - Mood Indigo.

murph - Herdwicks look very nice, but their wool is harsh and tough - for rugs rather than underwear!

hello, g.b. - yes, and all God's chillun got Buddha Nature.