Thursday, March 08, 2007

8 March: A local walk

Dear thoughts are in my mind,
And my soul it soars enchanted,
As I hear the sweet lark sing
In the clear air of the day *

The larks were singing in the fields on both sides as I walked down the lane. No coat needed today, and even the jumper (hand-knitted, of course) had to be removed later.

Away to the west over the hills a weather front promised a change later -

Further along, with trees in both hedges, there were many small birds. This tree looks like an ideal nesting place -

There were sheep in the field next to the farm, with plenty of hay. They must be needing extra rations in the weeks before lambing.

Celandines on the bank were lifting their shiny faces to the sun. I crossed the stream and went up the lane to the path along the old railway line. A jay flew into the wood where we once saw a deer.

Water was still lying on the surface of the worst-drained fields, and by the path the ditch was full - it was truly February Filldyke this year.

* From The lark in the clear air, a traditional English song.


Murph said...

You can't beat a nice spring day Stitch. Brings a Spring to the step!

stitchwort said...

And it seems it was warmer here than down where you are.

Lucy said...

Lovely blog, Stitchwort.
The Lark in the clear air is a beautiful song, isn't it, but I've rarely heard the words; she sings it in the film 'Iris', I think.
Your views on advertising made me laugh, and your socks have me in a state of frustrated acquisitive desire. See you again!