Friday, March 23, 2007

23 March: Some I made earlier

These are knits I made between 1997 and about 2000, using 2-ply Shetland wool spun and dyed by Jamieson and Smith of Lerwick. They are all my own designs.

The first one is a slipover (OK, a tank top) stranded with 2 colours in a row. The edgings are knitted.

The next one is a waistcoat; this one is knitted with 2 strands together, using the purple heather yarn all the times, and changing the second colour from stripe to stripe.

It was knitted in strips, which were then crocheted together on the outside. The bottom edge is a self-hem and the other edgings are crocheted.

And the third one, a tunic sort of thing, is knitted with brown yarn constantly and another (changing every stripe) colour knitted alternately - there's a name for this stitch pattern, but it escapes me at the moment.
This was knitted in one piece to the armholes, sideways and grafted into a tube. The upper part was also knitted sideways in one piece, and crocheted to the lower body on the inside. Then, having made the body with only one seam, I went and put 2 seams in each sleeve, knitting one straight piece and one shaped piece for each. these were crocheted to the body, and the edgings crocheted.

The balls of leftover wool are coyly hiding my *designer* labels. Poser or what? Actually, when I used to make loads of hand-stitched quilts and give them away, I bought some labels from a firm in Berwickshire, enough for a life-time for about £12 - and it seems a shame not to use them. They are hidden because they have my non-blogging name on. (I nearly put "my real name" there, but then began to wonder what my real name is.....)


KAZ said...

Love the 'tunic sort of thing'. It's construction is quite a triumph of engineering.

Shall I act as your agent? I'm sure they would fly off the shelves at Harvey Nicks.

Ruby in Bury said...

Those are fab, Stitch. I'm glad you explained what the balls of wool were - I thought it was a strange place to attach pom poms :-D

I know what you mean about not knowing what your real name is. "Ruby" started off as a bit of a character and now I feel more like her than me. I have found that people I meet through blogging don't want to call me my real name, and just call me Ruby anyway.

Doris said...

Your stuff would go down a storm at one of our craft fairs, Stitchwort!

stitchwort said...

There was only one comment when I logged on this evening!
Thank you all - the problem of trying to sell handmade stuff is that people will not pay for the time it takes. While they will happily pay a plumber or motor mechanic £50 an hour and more, they don't want to pay for handmade textiles.
And the topic of names is one that intrigues me.

tea and cake said...

hi again, sorry, i haven't looked in for a couple of days. Your knitting is wonderful! You are so clever!

I know what you mean about people not wanting to pay the price of home-made things but, I don't like to knit to 'order', preferring to knit what I like and when I like.

I have got the wheel downstairs, and am staring at it ... but not used it Yet. It is such a pretty thing, and not really scary at all ...!