Wednesday, May 23, 2007

23 May: More snaps.

Now Blogger seems to have got over the doolally turn it had earlier, I'll continue about the holiday.

There were lots of flowers growing where we walked. This was the only orchid we saw, and I guess at it being an early purple orchid; I'm sure if either of my readers can identify it, you'll tell me. (It really was very blue.)

Bright gladioli in this piercing shade of - what? magenta? puce? - cheered up even the most neglected gardens. The one I photographed was in a tidy garden.

This slightly surreal shot of an agapanthus growing beside a large mirror was irresistible.

But the plant that we saw most was this one, plastered all over the shady and damp banks of the green lanes, and growing pretty well everywhere else too. We saw it named as "pennywort" , but my copy of the inestimable Fitter and Blamey book calls it Navelwort - just look at the leaves!

The other ubiquitous (there's a good word for a Wednesday) plant was the potato, and I searched for a really good view of a field of taters.

The cows were nowhere near as plentiful. I blame the low fat diets and hydrogenated fats that people prefer these days. Or are all the Jersey cows now in Spain, where most of our food seems to come from now?

I could show you all several pictures of sweeping empty beaches, mostly with interesting banks of cloud sailing overhead, but here is one with me modelling my new rain jacket, which I bought in the Jersey Woollen Mill. Of course I had to go there; they had the dullest knitwear I have seen in a long time, but masses of "Leisurewear" and oddly enough, some very nice ear-rings.

About 200 more snaps can be posted in response to popular demand.

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Lucy said...

The agapanthus shot is pretty cool and arty, and I'm ver partial to parallel rows of things growing.