Saturday, May 26, 2007

26 May: Lazy

This is just instead of replying to comments in the comments box.

The photo of Mont Orgueil castle was a lucky shot - one of those times when you can't see what is in the viewfinder/display screen because of the light. I hadn't noticed the row of houses below the castle, but would have tried to include them if I had, as the contrast in scale and colour is brill.

It does resemble a photo I took of Durham Castle earlier in the year - here it is if you want to compare. (That is actually Pizza Hut, and Pizza Italia in the foreground, not houses.)

Cat update - poor boy has an over-active thyroid, a bottle of tablets to take for a month, then more blood tests. Quite common in the older cat, apparently. Most likely outcome after the tablets is surgery. Still, it's slimmed him down considerably. Wonder if I could get mine revved up a bit....

Bit busy this weekend, as the bathroom re-modelling starts on Tuesday.

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