Monday, May 28, 2007

28 May: Still lazy

Is it the weather? The end of the holidays? The imminent arrival of workmen? Whatever it is, I just can't get motivated.

The purple merino scarf (not a football one) has been finished for ages, but I haven't got round to blocking it yet. A crochet project to use up odds end ends has been lurching onwards for some time, and still a way to go; and there's a pair of socks in progress - in a mixture of Blue Faced Leicester wool and soy. Very vegetarian.

StatCounter shows that people have been here looking for "fibonacci knitt**g stripes" (too City and Guilds for my liking), and "agapanthus producti*ns" (though probably not photos of one admiring itself in a mirror), and the evergreen "fred knit**e".

Apropos of which, I see the Zimmers (google them if you don't already know) are getting a whole hour's TV programme this evening. While I admire them for getting up and singing, I don't think the resulting performance is nearly as good as the Young@Heart Chorus.

TV tonight brings the end of the current series of New Tricks. Not popular with the critics, it seems, but I've enjoyed them all. It may not be Art, but I know what I like, and it's not Dr Who any more.

Another series sneered at by the critics, but which I have enjoyed, is Kingdom - wonderful locations, and even if the scripts are nearly as wooden and crackers as Morse or Midsummer, the acting is far better. You will note that I prefer the more gentle, middle-aged dramas, in finite series. Plus, of course, You've Been Framed, and Police, Camera, Action. When they finish, what are we going to have left to watch? Nature programmes?

I've already watched spring here, and it's been strange; plants that normally flourish are struggling, others are doing better than usual, the house martins are back, but only about a dozen of them instead of the scores of last year, the blue tits don't seem to have nested nearby this year, though the magpies have 3 juveniles with them (perhaps they have eaten all the blue tit chicks?). Now the roses and the clematis are out and the forget-me-nots are going over, it's more like summer than spring.

With a bit of luck, there may be photos of bathroom devastation tomorrow - but there again, am I bovvered?

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