Friday, May 04, 2007

4 May: Greed, hate and delusion

At last night's meeting of our Guild of Sinners, Divas, and Winos (some members liked the new version of the title), it was agreed by a group of us that the sort of people who stand for elections are exactly the sort of people we don't want to represent us.

In fact it was suggested that expressing willingness to be nominated should disqualify a person from being elected.

That does, of course, leave a bit of a problem as to how any government is chosen. A pin in a list of names and addresses couldn't do a worse job.

Also mentioned - recent willingness of powerful people to lie, apparently totally pointlessly, in a court. Presumably there was something to be gained; like having a holiday at somebody else's expense when you are perfectly well able to pay for your holiday yourself, and not then be in any way indebted to anyone.

What happened to integrity and honesty?

Oh, yes, I remember, a certain female person of great power told us that you can have whatever you want as long as you can pay for it, not necessarily now or in the immediate future; and instantly naked greed became the guiding principle - also adopted enthusiastically by the party formerly known as The Opposition. No longer any need to hide your real motives behind a semblance of public spirit. No longer the best thing for the country as a whole, but what brings the biggest short-term windfall to those in power (and their friends and relatives, of course. The Old Boys' network - another face of power-sharing). And the Devil take the hindmost.

And the media's influence is far, far greater than that of most politicians. If the press and broadcasters keep on about an issue long enough, the government does whatever the media are nagging on about. Who, exactly, decides which issues are "publicly debated"?

But it's true, you pay for what you have - if not straight away, then eventually. It's called the karmic consequence. You most definitely reap what you sow.

Better now, thank you.

(This post has been written in total ignorance of whatever went on in yesterday's local elections.)


KAZ said...

Guild of Sinners, Divas, and Winos ... when do we get the nude calendar?

Don't get me started on Integrity, Honesty and Old boys.

Murph said...

Bravo Stitch! I'm voting for you in the next election and you could be sponsored by the GSDW.

I, like the view said...

integrity and honesty

shame there's not more of that about. . .

ho hum

and as for "reaping what you sow", also applies to ". . .what you sew" - and what you were saying about expressing yourself

mind you, can always do a bit of weeding, mulching, watering - to ensure best quality crops from whatever quality seed

(oh excuse me, I'm just having a moment)


I, like the view said...


I, like the view said...

(that wasn't supposed to be so miserable - sorry, I kind of wrote it in a wry way, but I don't think it came acroos like that - OOOPS!)


I'll just go now, in a kind of "damage limitation" way

*shuffles out*

tea and cake said...

Did anyone win?

Lucy said...

That was bloody well-said, Stitch!