Thursday, May 24, 2007

24 May: And..

I forgot to mention the lady in St. Brelade's church.

We went in to have a look around; there were a few people in the aisle and a man with a sheet of paper in his hand explaining something about one of the stained glass windows. He was giving a lot of detail, and the people all walked off in different directions.

I thought it a bit odd, but then a lady came up to us and told us that he was "just practising", and we were to carry on and ignore him. Although it might have been better practice for him to give his guided tour to some real visitors, and it would have been interesting to hear his talk, we were then buttonholed by the lady (and I use that word in preference to "woman"), who asked lots of questions about where we were going and where we were staying. She told us firmly that we should be staying in St. Brelade, and then was horrified when we mentioned that we planned to walk back to St. Helier.

"But it's 6 or 7 miles!" she exclaimed. (Hey! - dialogue.) Well, it might have seemed like that if you drive, but walking in a direct route it was actually about 4, and after that we didn't like to mention how far we'd walked already.

She did amuse us when she asked which airline we'd travelled on. We told her FlyBe, and that we'd had about an hour's delay starting out of Newcastle. She snorted and said that was why the locals called it FlyMayBe.


Murph said...

They sound a bit bonkers, Stitch.

KAZ said...

Did you *Flybenight*?

Lucy said...

I know just what you mean about referring to her as a 'lady' not a 'woman', it says so much more about her!