Monday, August 13, 2007

13 August: Another one finished

The little character I've been knitting is finished. And here it is, relaxing in the garden -

And here with one I made earlier, whose name is Jo Jaffa.

You will observe that the feet are properly knitted socks, the mouth is made from a sock heel shaping, the top of the head is shaped as a sock toe would be, the eyes are buttons, and the hands are properly constructed glove/mittens. Boredom set in after the first one, and as the eyes aren't identical either, why should the hands match?

But the poor creature doesn't yet have a name to call its own. (There is already a doll in the house called "Who Shall Remain Nameless".)

It needs to be something gender neutral - ideas please.....


Murph said...

Definitely "Cherie"

Kerry said...

Solly the Sockperson?

Lucy said...

I don't think I can better 'Cherie' at the moment!
If we get the name right, do we get to win the doll? I would like her/him!