Sunday, August 05, 2007

5 August: Cricket tea

Here are some scones for tea - Bowl Movement Cricket Club may be interested.

And a tray of flapjack -

This very easy recipe is a regular for us, and although it contains butter, sugar, and syrup, must be nutritious, with all those oats in it.

Perhaps I'd better do something strenuous today, to offset the tea-time goodies.


Dave said...

Thank you, they look very nice. The rest, I assume, are in the post?

stitchwort said...

They are, indeed in the post.

Murph said...

I've calculated the excercise offset would be 3 full marathons, which would probably give you the Stitch.

Me and Oz could help you wolf them down.

KAZ said...

Glad someone's getting their oats!

Ivy said...

Oh... they look delicious, they`re making my mouth water!