Friday, August 17, 2007

17 August: The cloak of invisibility - and a string bag

They say that old women become invisible; it obviously extends to their cars.

While going to this morning's selected supermarket, a drive of perhaps 10 minutes at 50 to 60 m.p.h., great big silver 4x4s rolled gently and slowly out in front of me, then failed to get a move on, TWICE.

Fortunately, not only are my brakes good, I am a much better driver than either of these two cretins, and I didn't crash into them, flash my lights, or even swear (at least aloud).

Moving on, I'm afraid back to the string bags, here is the Mark 3 version -

This one is knitted from dishcloth cotton, in garter stitch, every 3rd row with the yarn wrapped twice around the needle, the extra turn being dropped on the next row. Here's a close up -

It would have been better knitted in the round, to avoid a seam affecting the stretchiness of the fabric. A row of bigger holes round the top for the drawstrings would be an improvement too.

For other string bags, click on the "string bag" label at the bottom of the post, or in the sidebar. Let me know about your own string bags.


KAZ said...

Amazing - You just revived a memory.

My gran used to get dishcloth cotton (probably cheap from t'mill)

So she knitted peg bags, string bags, shopping bags - even dish cloths.

stitchwort said...

It's still dead cheap, and makes excellent washable dishcloths.

Lucy said...

Good, aren't they? Even I could probably manage those.

Dave said...

I can't let you know about my own string bag, because no-one has given me one yet. I live in hope.

I need one for my collection of stones.

Anonymous said...

hi there, i have just finished your pattern for string bag dated 23rd July, after many false starts and completely losing a row of stitches,
i used the ssk version myself, as i am a very novice knitter, am going to have a go at your bag dated 17th Aug

from Julie

stitchwort said...

lucy - and they don't rip like J cloths.

dave - men are allowed to knit as well, you know; anyway your stones might fall through the holes, and I wouldn't like to think of you losing them.

Julie - Hurrah! I learnt a left-leaning decrease as k 2 tog tbl, but ssk has become popular in recent years; I am not really sure of the difference.

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