Tuesday, March 11, 2008

11 March: Country Park

This morning was so pleasant and sunny that I was tempted to go out.

On each side of the road, hawthorn hedges are spattered with green as the first leaves open. A patch of grotty scrub amazed me, as it does every year, with a burst of blackthorn blossom.

A local country park is being "developed" - new gravel paths, nicely graded for wheelchair friendliness, red bins for the dog crap, new shrubs and trees planted (some in places where they have cut down trees and bushes to enable this), and all the follies are being renovated. In fact one or two look as if they've been newly built. A huge posh new Visitor Centre and car park are still under construction - I parked in a clearing in the trees.

This statue of Neptune now stands at the corner of the long lake -

Across the broader lake you can make out the temple on top of its little hill -

And looking back through the trees the Hall, now a hotel and conference centre, appears -

And, yes, beside the lake, beneath the trees -


Kerry said...

Such a promising sight. However on this side of the world the weather is still very hot but the trees are starting to drop their leaves.

Lucy said...

and then my heart with gladness fills!
Blackthorn's always such a delicious surprise isn't it?

KAZ said...

Neptune and Temples - it all looks very 'Versailles'.

Maggie May said...

You take very good photos. Lovely tranquil scenes.