Friday, March 07, 2008

7 March: Clanger?

The amusement of the past day or two has been knitting a Clanger.

But not a pink one - a purple one. I used the pattern by Mr and Mrs Oliver Postgate, but the result was not quite like the TV characters.

OK, it's purple, and it's wearing a striped pullover instead of felt armour plates, but the legs don't look right, and the nose points straight up, while the ones I remember on TV were at least able to look at each other.

Mine doesn't stand unaided, either. In the picture above, the wall is holding it up , and in the picture below, lying on the sofa, it looks more like a flying pig than a Clanger.

I didn't wire the ears, and I improvised I-cord fingers and some hair. The eyes should have been "shiny shoe buttons", but I just used a couple of buttons from the box.

Oh well, at least it's individual.


Lucy said...

Are you going to do the soup dragon next?

Granny J said...

OK, I give up. What is a clanger??? On the other hand, your critter looks a bit like Piglet in the 2nd picture.

stitchwort said...

The Clangers were a children's TV programme in the 1960s or '70s - pink knitted creatures that lived on the moon and talked in swanee whistle voices.

The soup dragon lived in a cave and made blue string pudding (Cordon Bleu?), but I can't remember what the soup dragon looked like.

Eigon said...

(Clanger-speak for "I think it's cute".)

You didn't see the soup dragon much - she lived in a cave, making soup, mostly.
I liked the cloud with the musical notes best.