Monday, March 17, 2008

17 March: Laid low

All activities temporarily suspended, owing to a bad back.

And I was only trying to measure my feet, preparatory to casting on a sock as per Cat Bordhi's book, and my back started hurting. So I've spent much of yesterday and all morning today lying in bed, and have only tottered out now because of boredom (the Ibuprofen have taken effect).

And there's so much to do - a finished Mobius scarf to photograph, the tax office to ring, that sock to cast on....

At least I don't have to drag myself to the doctor's for a sick note!

1 comment:

KAZ said...

Poor you!
When I had my bad back (sciatica) it was during the school hols so I didn't need a sick note.
What a disappointment.
Hope it's soon better