Friday, March 21, 2008

21 March: Where I'm from

This has been going round; it has so many possibilities, and I have been playing with it for a while - this is one of my versions. I believe the original was by George Ella Lyons - thank you.

I am from tablecloths, Mansion polish and hoovering.
I am from the small front room with its carpet square, and inadequate coal fire.

I am from the clipped hedge, thrift and honesty, the unwrapped crumpled silk of a hollyhock bud.

I am from caravan holidays and library books, from James and Maude, Harry and Mary Ann, William and Agnes.

I am from distance, intelligence, and not getting involved.
From 'not in front of the children', 'what do you want to do that for?', and 'what will the neighbours think?'

I am from absence from church, school prayers, right and wrong without sin.

I am from Hampshire, midland inns, Scottish mills, London and Derry, treacle tart and tea.

From the horse my grandmother rode in Brixton, the family Music Hall acts, the war-time bomb in the London street, my mother's frost-bitten thigh.

I am from neat albums and loose photos, jumbled in boxes and memories, faces once loved and familiar, but now unknown. Which of them gave me the green eyes and the love of making things?


KAZ said...

I love this Stitch.
So much relates to me as well - though obviously not the locations.
Do you remember BOOTS' Library books with the green shield on the front?

stitchwort said...

Yes, and there was a ticket that doubled as a bookmark, on a string like an India tag, that went through a hole in the spine of the book.
Or am I imagining that?

Lucy said...

This is one of the better ones of these I've read. Tells a lot more about you...

KAZ said...

No you're right - it's all coming back to me.
The reason I joined was that the local library wouldn't stock Enid Blyton. That's what made me the intellectual I am today.

tea and cake said...

This IS lovely, Stitch! Resonance for me, too. Though the Boots library is just before my time, I still remember the 'dan-dang' of the librarian stamping the books in Watford Library.
I think I might have a go at doing one of these.
Thank you for sharing yours. K xx