Thursday, May 01, 2008

1 May: May Day

I was not up before dawn to welcome in the May.

But it's been a busy morning.

First there was voting - many people put a great deal of effort into making sure we could vote, so the least we can do is stroll up to the polling station and draw a couple of X's. It's no good complaining about MPs and councillors if you haven't bothered to vote for the ones you prefer.

After that I dyed some sock yarn, and while that was steaming gently on the stove I cabled together some rather dull thin handspun bamboo yarn with some cotton yarn from Texere (can't remember what it was bought for, but it was the same thickness as the bamboo.) Here's a rather dim picture of the skein -

Then out into the garden between showers, to sow some seeds. 2 packets of seed - cornfield mixture and butterfly mixture - have been scattered on the bed under the apple trees. The neighbour's cat will probably be delighted, thinking that I've raked the bed over specially for him.

And none of the gardening experts mention that when the lawn squelches underfoot is the ideal time to pull out dandelion roots - they are particularly easy to spot at present, as they are just opening flowers.

And talking of flowers, here are a couple of pictures of the lilies on the kitchen window-sill -

They smell good, too, though perhaps they are the reason we were both sneezing this morning .

And just in case you thought I've been slacking -


KAZ said...

I'm wondering if those feet belong to yourself or DH.
My thermal walking socks from Millets are wearing out so I'll be entering the sock market myself in the next few days.

stitchwort said...

My feet - that's why they're photographed from that angle....

Maggie May said...

What beautiful flowers and lovely socks!

Z said...

No elections here - democracy is more spasmodic out in the countryside.

lilymarlene said...

I love that sock pattern....what is it called?