Tuesday, May 06, 2008

6 May: A bit Mole

The spring thing had been affecting me over the weekend - painting, cleaning, tidying, re-arranging.

Then on my return from a quick sortie to the shops for some varnish to finish off the smartly cleaned, painted, and polished number on the front door, there was a telephone message. Was I coming out to play? You bet.

Bluebell woods. Clear blue sky. Perfect fresh leaves, newly opened this morning. Birdsong. Cherry blossom. Warm sunshine. Huge pots of tulips in pink and purple, orange, red, and double ones looking like little peonies.

May in England is sensational.

(No photos - they can't do it justice. And you've seen bluebell woods before.)


Murph said...

No messing about in boats though...

KAZ said...

We saw you in the hedgerow today Stitch.
I think you were a greater rather than a lesser.