Saturday, May 17, 2008

17 May: Is there anybody there?

You may find this amusing.

A friend who has been a widow for some years was saying that she'd had a telesales call from someone who sounded Indian (or was doing a Peter Sellers impression); this man asked to speak to her husband, whom he named. When asked what it was about, he said it was to do with some insurance. He was told - "My husband died 6 years ago", whereupon he said -

"Well, can you give him a message"........


Ackworth Born said...

I still sometimes get such calls for my son - usually from someone wanting him to have a credit card - even when I tell him he a) no longer lives at home and b) is mentally incabable of looking after his own financial affairs, they either still want to speak to him or start trying to sell to me instead.

stitchwort said...

Oh Gerald, that could be very distressing.

My friend did actually think her experience was funny - she was laughing about it before she told the story.