Monday, May 19, 2008

19 May - Adventures in the forest, and a bit of gardening.

Another dry Sunday morning, another walk in Hamsterley Forest. This time even though we took the map with us, we managed to get slightly lost. Failure to grasp the scale of the map meant an interesting detour up a pathless valley, crossing the stream twice, then having to climb up the steep valley side between the trees to get back to a track.

Still, at least we had our lunch with us. This is where we ate -

As we approached the bench, a deer on the slope below turned and looked at us before leaping away.

Today, after a trip to the garden centre, I was able to plant up a tub to stand by the freshly painted front door. I hope that dahlias and dwarf lavender will flourish where they get sun only later in the day.


KAZ said...

Lovely picnic spot - but looks a bit close to the edge for wimps like me.
DH could have given us a wave.

Maggie May said...

What a lovely photo of the hills! I also like the corner planter. Looks very nice by the door. You'll have to take a photo of the blooms, later on.

KAZ said...

Did you know I've tagged you?
Go on it's a good one - no pressure.