Friday, May 23, 2008

23 May: Tagged - Fives

Tagged by Kaz.

5 things in my bag: I have many bags, some made of string, many containing knitting, but I guess this means the shoulder bag - come - mobile life support system.

Simple, but effective. Sadly, my Swiss Army penknife, with tweezers, scissors, and a tiny tiny screwdriver handy for repairing spectacles, has to be left at home, as it is now an Offensive Weapon.

5 favourite things in the house: (we have more than one room here)

my spinning wheel -

My large supply of fibre and yarn (fabric, thread, buttons, braid, etc, etc.)
The shawl on the back of my armchair (handy when it turns a bit chilly) -

The kitchen Buddha -

And the Mac, without which.....

5 things I always wanted to do:
garden - my own chunk of "nature"
be physically active
be open to different ideas, interests and activities
enjoy the company of others, and my own company
retire - do as I fancy, and they post me the money.

5 things I'm currently into:
spinning and knitting
exploring Hamsterley Forest
books by Oliver James - Affluenza and They F*** You Up
keeping it simple

5 persons to tag:
You may all (both?) feel free to pick this up and run with it, past someone or up a flagpole, blue-sky thinking outside the box, expanding the envelope.....


KAZ said...

I love the kitchen Buddha.
It should make you feel serene even when doing the washing up.

lolcats - you soppy fing you!

stitchwort said...

Yeah, but so much more entertaining than much of what's on the Interweb!

Murph said...

I walked the Hamsterly Way once.

It felt a bit like a treadmill...