Friday, August 01, 2008

1 August: Cumbria

We've been meaning to visit Acorn Bank garden near Temple Sowerby for ages. A couple of times the weather has turned nasty, and we've gone somewhere else. But today, we got there.

The house is not open; parts have been turned into holiday apartments. But you pass the front of the house to reach the garden. And the tea room (the scones are recommended).

The walled gardens are in 3 parts - the orchard, the herb garden, and the well garden. This is the well garden -

And this attractive gate was at the end of the herb garden -

There are woodland walks; they were closed today, because the overnight rain had caused the beck to wash away part of the path. This is what the beck looked like down by the water-mill -

After all these outings this week, there may be a period of lying in a darkened room.
Perhaps with a bit of knitting.

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