Monday, August 25, 2008

24 August: Day out in York

We went to York to see the exhibition at the Quilt Museum - very interesting to see some recent quilts. And the building is sensational!

No photography allowed. Over coffee we discussed which quilts we liked best; both of us really admired Future Beaches by Kathy Unwin, a beautiful balance of design, technique, and meaning. Then DH liked the simple red and yellow Welsh quilt, and the extremely intricately embroidered Pawnbroker's Crazy Coverlet; while I was drawn to the black and white Broken Images by Maggie Davies, and loved Gwenfai Rees Griffiths' Harlequin, with its interpretation of Amish colours and layout.

Then we went to see the Treasurer's House, a NT property. Again, no photography in the house, but there is also a lovely garden - here, the house is on the left, and the scaffolding is on the Minster next door -

This path with its alley of trees was particularly attractive -

And the cobbles caught my eye -

Then we walked into the streets, intending to explore the city a little. But it was so crowded and noisy, and so many people smoking in the streets, that it was really unpleasant. We perched on a barrier in front of a church to eat our sandwiches (all seats either full or covered with spilt ice cream), then almost came straight home again. But earlier we had seen people walking along a section of the city walls, and decided to climb up and walk round.

That made a third interesting element to the day. The view of the city, houses and gardens was different, it was not crowded, and we had a pleasant walk all the way round. Where we had to come down and walk on the road across one section, I snapped the wall itself -

As we completed our circuit, the raised position gave another view of the Minster -

And there were only a few spots of rain, once. A grand day out!


Murph said...

Very nice pics ... makes us want to visit immediately.

KAZ said...

You may find this difficult to believe, but I used to do patchwork.
I think I got my life the wrong way round as I wouldn't have the patience now.

That black and white one sounds interesting. Pity you couldn't do a photo.

Granny J said...

Agreed -- a pity about the no photos rule. The strangest "no photos" request I've run into is a hat shop, believe it or not!