Friday, August 29, 2008

29 August: Lucky, lucky, lucky!

No, not a Lotto win, but the next best thing.

I have been sent an entry coupon for a Free Prize Draw to win a FREE Mobility scooter.

The blurb lists lots of exciting benefits, none of which seem to mention an inability to walk, indeed one of the plus features is that it goes into the boot of your car (perhaps not my car, which is very small). Also I could "travel anywhere you like", with the possible exception of footpaths with stiles, and "Go on trips or a holiday".

Actually, that's just what I am about to do, though with a pair of trainers, a rucksack, and my cycle helmet, not a Mobility scooter.


KAZ said...

Ah Stitch
Just think of all the terrror you could cause driving down the high street at top speed in your scooter.

Murph said...

I was waiting for the headlines of your Lady Godiva style streak through Durham in trainers and a rucksack.

tea and cake said...

ha,ha have a lovely holiday!

Lucy said...

Sounds like a potential concept for a TV programme: from Durham to Australia by mobility scooter...

Love the random sock idea, BTW.