Thursday, August 07, 2008

7 August: Out for a walk

I've just been reminded why I dislike walking in a group.

Lovely bright sunny morning, though a bit humid from yesterday's rain, but pleasant for a walk round a favourite local circuit. A dog walker uttered the normal "Morning" as we passed each other. Then on the narrow path with wet undergrowth on each side, there was a party of middle-aged ramblers. All the gear, big boots, thick woolly socks, rucksacks and walking sticks. Two abreast, filling the entire path. Nobody glanced up from the earnest contemplation of the ground and the conversation, until I was forced to stop to avoid a collision. Then they looked at me as if I had landed from Outer Space, and passed by without even a smile, let alone a friendly greeting. (And no shorts were involved.)

Group walking means ambling along slowly, chatting all the time, and not noticing a thing you pass. Whereas I prefer to stop and look, or otherwise walk fast enough to enjoy the air and exercise.

This morning it seemed autumn is just around the corner. The buddleias are peaking, rowan berries turning orange, elderberries starting to colour, a few ripe blackberries, and some horse chestnut leaves are starting to turn.

Part of the rape seed harvest is in -

And the martins are gathering -

In the hedge was this old gatepost, unused for many years but still standing -

Old and disintegrating, but still interesting.


KAZ said...

I feel exactly the same way - and what do they put in those rucksacks?

"Old and disintegrating, but still interesting" - I assume you are referring to thee and me.

Murph said...

The worst groups have Janet Street Porter at the front.

stitchwort said...

Rucksacks probably contain mountain rescue equipment. And a thing for getting Boy Scouts out of horses' hooves.

kaz, you may, if you wish, describe yourself as disintegrating - I couldn't possibly comment. The "interesting" is much safer.

murph - now there's an incentive to run amok.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I know what you mean about walking in groups... you're right about autumn too, and we've not even had a real summer...

stitchwort said...

Hello, crafty green poet - some crafts here, some green, but not much poetry.

And I apologise if my cleaning the car caused all that stotting rain yesterday.