Sunday, April 19, 2009

19 April: Venturing southwards

Yet another har this morning, so we decided to travel south, in the hopes of finding better weather.

To Yorkshire, in fact. Pausing only at Woolley Edge services for a M&S sandwich (how civilized), we zoomed down the motorway to Wentworth, near Rotherham, for our first visit to Wingham Wool Work.

It's amazing how much fibre you can get into a car - I might even have enough to keep me spinning till Woolfest. And there is very little chance I'll knit it all in the foreseeable future. No doubt some of it will be making individual appearances here in the weeks to come.

Then we drove to Nostell Priory, a NT property we've been wanting to visit for ages. And the sun came out.

In the grounds, the magnolias are looking wonderful, and the scent of the flowers was held in their sheltered corner.

There was a charming arch over the path.

This bridge had collapsed into the lake, and has been restored with much effort and expense. Of course, it can't actually be used; since it's narrow and has no guard rail, it doesn't comply with health and safety.

A cream tea in a loose box in the old stables, followed by a tour of the house (too much Chippendale for my liking, but an interesting building), and it was back northwards again. The sun through the car window was so warm that I dozed off. Fortunately, I wasn't driving.


Granny J said...

The arch is indeed charming, but my question is, "How do you protect so much wool from the moths?"

Jabberwocky meme note: your captcha word today is obali which is an exotic Irish island.

stitchwort said...

Plastic bags and strongly scented lavender soap are the main weapons against moths, but we don't seem to have clothes moths (and I hope that's not famous last words!).

Obali sounds more like a new game played in the White House....

Granny J said...

Hi again -- are you sure it isn't a new addition to the reed section of a symphony orchestra?

Here's a site I recently came across that might interest you...Alpaca Granny.

And today's captcha is ingethe which is what an ingenue grows up to be.

stitchwort said...

Hi Granny J - thanks for the link; another granny who spins on a Majacraft wheel!