Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7 April: Upper Teesdale

A glorious walk today in Teesdale, from Cotherstone to Egglestone and back, mostly beside the River Tees.

There were ruins - this farm for example. The sheep here had no lambs with them, as many others did.

The chapel at Egglestone Hall is ruined and full of plants -

There were several bridges on our route; this 17th century one at Egglestone -

a footbridge over the Tees, with varied materials -

and another over the Balder; this one has a metal parish marker by the near end -

A few April showers, plenty of sunshine, good company, and a sensational lunch. Brilliant!


Granny J said...

Your countryside is so different from ours -- the works of man begin to blend in with nature after a couple of centuries!

stitchwort said...

I'm sure nature can deal with most of man's works in your part of the world too, given half a chance!
A damp climate helps.